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CAD Design Form

CAD Order Form

Please allow minimum of 2 business days

Office hours are 6am to 2pm Monday - Friday

If you use your own form, it must include all of the information contained in the CAD Request Form

If you must text, use this number

(706) 389-4669

Getting Started with CADs Program Guide (What you need to do)

Please fill out the CAD Request Form and CAD Design Form

(Or alternative see program guide above)

Please fill out all the relevant information.

Please email when possible

If you must text, send pictures & forms to (706) 389-4669

Payment Terms: Net Due Upon Completion

(I will bill your credit card upon completion, please

Indicate card info on CAD design form)

Billing Rate: $25/hour

Payment Terms:

Invoices will be billed to the CREDIT CARD information

on the CAD Request Form


I Appreciate Your Business

Camscanner Office Lens (microsoft) Google Drive

When taking pictures of forms and sketches with your phone, please use a form scanning app.

Here are a couple that I have used that work well.

They automatically crop, turn to black and white, and straighten so it looks like it was done with a computer scanner.